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Your Place for the Best Credit Card Offers

Myplasticrewards.com was created to bring you all the best credit card offers available today. By being able to view all of the current credit cards available, from all major brands, you will be able to find the perfect credit card for you. Whether you are looking for 0% APR, balance transfer, travel rewards, low interest, cash back, student or business credit cards, and more, we can show you the best options available today.

With so many options available it can be hard to determine which credit card will get you what you want for the money that you spend. Myplasticrewards.com allows you to do side by side comparisons to weigh the pros and cons of each card. Making your decision easier. You can even narrow your search down to view cards only in the category you are interested in, as well as view the best offers available today.

Credit Score

Do you happen to know your current credit score? Myplasticrewards.com makes it easy to view many of the options available to you based on your current credit profile. From excellent to even bad credit, we can show you which cards you are more likely to get approved for by not over reaching for a card that requires a higher credit score than you currently have.

Check out our partnered CardMatch Tool

Want to see which credit cards are being targeted towards your credit profile, certain signup bonuses not available anywhere else, or even cards you can be instantly approved for? Check out our partnered CardMatch Tool. All you do is enter some simple personal information and CardMatch will generate your results. All for free and with no harm done to your credit score.

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Cardmatch Tool

If you are in the market for a new credit card Myplasticrewards.com is your best place to find all of your available options. From user reviews, to estimated savings, and even personalized results, we can show you the best credit card choice for whatever situation you are in. Credit card companies work hard to create products that everyday people are looking to utilize. With that comes a vast amount of choices, making it hard to determine which credit card is right for you. Myplasticrewards.com streamlines this process saving you time in finding the credit card you want.